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Regenerative Agriculture

Rethinking our farming model with regenerative agriculture, or how to reconcile economic development and preserve resources

At a time when a quarter of the world's greenhouse gas emissions are caused by conventional agriculture, we urgently need to rethink our production methods. Regenerative agriculture offers constructive solutions. It is based on various agronomic practices inspired by organic farming, agroecology, and permaculture. Above all, it aims to ensure the long-term resilience and stability of the ecosystem by producing net positive impacts. Its priority is always to restore the quality of agricultural soils. Indeed, introducing more life and biodiversity into the dirt encourages the development of organic matter - making them more prosperous, more fertile, and naturally sequestering more carbon. Healthy soil will also impact water and air quality... and the whole ecosystem will become more stable in the long term and more resilient to climatic hazards.

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Reforest'Action at COP 26: meeting with forestry stakeholders

COP 26 was an opportunity to make progress for the world's forests. It was also an opportunity for Reforest'Action, through its President Stéphane Hallaire, to express itself on 4, 5 and 6 November on various forestry issues related to indigenous peoples and the financing of forest restoration. Let's discover the 4 highlights of Reforest'Action in Glasgow.

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Forests have superpowers !

Forests are allies of humanity. They are essential to the preservation of social and ecological balances and they provide us with many invaluable services every day. They have a preponderant role for the climate and biodiversity, for the economy, for the protection of our soils and territories, for water and food resources and for our health. However, their benefits are often unknown... On the occasion of the Forest Month, discover all the superpowers of trees and forests !

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Media: RTL and NRJ are committed to reforestation with us

As daily spokespersons for environmental news, the media are gradually committing themselves to the climate. Recently, RTL and NRJ, two of France's largest radio stations, have joined forces with Reforest'Action. Their objective: to contribute to the restoration of forests and raise awareness among their listeners.

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Reforest'Action rises for Climate!

The Reforest'Action team was present for the Climate March organised in Paris, which brought together tens of thousands of citizens mobilised for the climate, the environment and biodiversity.

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Akira Miyawaki, creator of primary forests

Master of the art of growing wild forests in less than 30 years, the most famous Japanese botanist in the world tirelessly pursues his goal of restoring forests as they were at the origin of the world before the intervention of man.


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Sheyla, tree planter in the Peruvian Amazon

Sheyla works alongside the Urku Institute on our plantation project in Peru. Thanks to their action and the support of our partner Paul Mitchell, over 5,500 trees have been planted by Reforest'Action in the Peruvian Amazon over the past three months.

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