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Reading tip : Hervé Le Bouler, Forêts. Des racines et des hommes, Delachaux et Niestlé, 2022.

Thanks to his love of life and scientific expertise, Hervé Le Bouler encourages us to learn more about the complex system of forests - a world of plants, animals, and people. "Forêts. Des racines et des hommes" serves as a sensitive and personal account that invites us to understand, as the pages turn, the history of forest ecosystems and what is happening there now. This effort helps us to imagine and accompany the change, helped by the optimistic advice of the author.

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COP 26: forestry issues at the heart of climate discussions

The COP 26, organized from October 31 to November 12 in Glasgow, has just ended with the adoption of the Glasgow climate pact. One of the objectives of the 26th Conference of the Parties was to set concrete rules for the implementation of the Paris Agreement (COP 21).

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