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Juliet Project Officer chez Reforest'Action

Reforest'Action around the world: Interview with Juliet Mormontoy, our Project Officer in Peru

As a strategic aspect of Reforest'Action's international development, our global network of Project Officers allows us to deploy our expertise as close as possible to the areas where we operate and to our local project leaders. Based in Cusco, Peru, our Project Officer Juliet Mormontoy is in charge of monitoring Reforest'Action's projects in Peru and searching for new projects. Interview.

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Interview - Project Officer - Peru

In Amazonia, indigenous communities in Ecuador and Peru join forces to restore the Sacred Headwaters

The Amazon rainforest and the ancestral knowledge it contains are in danger of disappearing as the forest is exploited for its natural resources and converted to intensive agriculture. Home to 1,5 million of indigenous people who depend directly on its ecosystem services for their livelihoods, Amazonia also contains 10% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity and 20% of the world's freshwater reserves. Located between two affluents of the Amazon, on either side of the border between Ecuador and Peru, the Sacred Headwaters region, the richest reservoir of biodiversity in Amazonia, is particularly affected by oil extraction and the deforestation that precedes it. During a visit to the Reforest'Action offices, Domingo Peas Nampichkai, leader of the Achuar Amazonian people, and Atossa Soltani, director of the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative, discussed the urgent need to preserve this region, which is essential to the ecosystemic balance of the Amazon rainforest, and the ambition of the project led by an alliance of indigenous organisations and to which Reforest'Action is contributing.

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Amazonia - Ecuador - Peru - Amazon Sacred Headwaters - Cuencas Sagradas

Femme devant plantations

Peru: socio-economic impacts of a project started 8 years ago

Initiated in 2015, the project developed in the Peruvian region of San Martín, and led in the field by the Urku Centre, is the first project financed by Reforest'Action at the very heart of the Amazon forest. If the early years were focused on the development of agroforestry, this last season is defined by the natural regeneration of a great number of native species, in a continued effort to conserve the Amazon. After 8 years of operation, the impacts of the project on the local communities are significant. Here is an overview of the economic alternatives born from the regenerated forest.

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Peru - natural regeneration - social impact

 Echerati Peru landscape

In Peru, forest restoration and agroforestery create wealth for villagers

In the province of La Convención, Peru, the project financed by Reforest'Action and carried out in the field by our partner Pachamama Raymi aims to recreate a sustainable social, environmental and economic landscape, favorable to the preservation of biodiversity and the fight against climate change. Around the town of Echarati, located in a valley at an altitude of more than 1100 meters, trees are planted in degraded forest plots and in private agroforestry plots.

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Peru - Agroforestry - Ecosystem restoration

Northern Peru: agroforestry to revive the Pachamama

In northern Peru, deforestation and natural disasters have weakened Mother Earth, goddess of the Inca descendants, the Kichwas. Due to the lack of fertility, local farmers abandoned their lands, which have been falling into ruin for almost twenty years. Barely eighteen months after its launch, the project developed by Reforest'Action and the Center of Innovation and Management for Sustainable Development (CIGDES) has already planted more than 600,000 trees through the installation of agroforestry systems designed to restore the fertile land.

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Agroforestry - déforestation - Peru

An overview of the projects supported by Reforest'Action in Peru

End of 2021, our team went to monitor the 3 projects supported by Reforest'Action in Peru, but also to meet the partners who implement them on the field. Report in Tarapoto, Lamas and Piura.

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Peru - biodiversity - Restoration - local communities

Peru: innovative forestry projects for Amazonian plant biodiversity

In Peru, our reforestation project in the San Martín region has been marked over the past six months by a multitude of innovative initiatives aimed at conserving and enhancing the extraordinary plant biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest.

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Peru - Tarapoto - San Martin - biodiversity

Peru : fighting against the advancing desert in the Piura region

Located in the northern part of Peru, the Piura region has an extremely arid climate. The dry soils, on which the breeders and farmers live, are threatened by erosion. Thanks to funding from Reforest'Action, 500,000 trees of various species have been planted since January in order to breathe new life into this region affected by desertification.

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Peru - Piura - Agroforestry

In Peru, local communities develop agroforestry in the Amazon rainforest

Since 2016, Reforest'Action has been involved alongside the Urku Centre, an Amazonian research institute located in Tarapoto. The project aims to plant trees of various species in agroforestry in the Amazon rainforest. Discover the news of the last few months about our project!

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Peru - Tarapoto - Agroforestry - Amazon

Peru: 17,000 trees planted to restore the forest and biodiversity

Nearly 17,000 trees were recently planted in Peru by our partner in the field, the Urku Institute. Discover the photos of the plantations!

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Peru - reforestation - Amazonia